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  • How do I put my MAGERO® into operation?
    Insert the battery. Turn on: press power for 2 seconds (battery level is displayed in blue for 4 seconds, then the speed level is displayed in orange). Start: press power shortly. Adjust speed: press +/-. Stop: Short press Power. (Battery status is displayed in blue for 4 seconds). Power off: Press Power for 2 seconds.
  • How do I set the needle protrusion?
    Turn on the MAGERO®. Twist-Lock mechanism: adjust the protrusion of the needle by loosening the handle (by turning it clockwise by about 10°). Now set the desired needle protrusion by carefully moving the grip forwards/backwards. Fix the handle again by turning it counterclockwise. Check whether the handle is secure and the protrusion of the needle no longer changes.
  • How do I set the stitch frequency?
    Turn on the MAGERO®. Pressing + and - adjusts the piercing frequency/speed in eight preset levels (with the machine running or stopped).
  • How can I clean or disinfect my MAGERO®?
    The MAGERO® must be switched off before any cleaning and maintenance work. To be on the safe side, also remove the battery cell. Only use disinfectants that are approved in your country. To clean the machine, wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe. Avoid waterlogging and dry areas that are too damp so that no moisture can get inside the machine.
  • How long is my device guaranteed?
    The manufacturer therefore grants a guarantee for the device (both electrical and mechanical components, excluding the battery) if used as intended for a period of one year from the date of purchase. However, if the device is not used as intended or if manipulations are carried out on the device that are not carried out by the manufacturer, all warranty claims against the manufacturer become void. Safety information: The tattoo machine is used with a needle module - there is a risk of a puncture injury if used improperly! It is therefore essential to read these instructions for use before using the device! The MAGERO® may only be operated by persons who are authorized to carry out tattoos and are aware of possible side effects and dangers. Never modify/open/damage components of the MAGERO® or the accessories. No liquids may get into the MAGERO®. Always check before and after work whether the MAGERO® is contaminated by returning liquids. Proper cleaning and disinfection is imperative should this happen. Use the MAGERO® exclusively with originally packaged cartridges with membrane(!) that are approved in your country. Pack the MAGERO® properly with a protective tube and make sure that no liquids come into contact with the machine. Covers and needle modules are for single use only and must be changed after each customer! When handling, care must be taken to avoid puncture injuries. If the needle has already been used and you prick yourself, seek immediate medical attention. If the sting frequency is too high, injuries (cuts) can occur in the skin. If the hygiene regulations are not observed, infections and thus illnesses can occur. If the device is used for too long, overheating can result. Always work clean and follow the hygiene guidelines in your country. Do not use expired or damaged cartridges. Make sure the person or body part is allowed to be tattooed. Intended use/application: The "MAGERO®" device was built and placed on the market for the production of tattoos on the human skin surface using tattoo needles and liquid dyes. Any improper use is not permitted and relieves the manufacturer of its responsibility.
  • What should I do if my MAGERO® no longer works?
    Contact support: Note the serial number Write a description of the error and enclose it along with your email address and telephone number Pack the machine securely Send the machine to the dealer you bought the machine from. If this is not possible, you can contact us directly. DI Reininger Kirchstrasse 8 6890 Lustenau Austria Unfortunately, it is not possible to return used machines.
  • In which countries is the BLACKGOLD® MAGERO® available?
    The MAGERO® tattoo machine is intended for worldwide sale (except USA).
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